Valentina Dolci Dance Company

Valentina Dolci creates innovative artistic dance work that is current and relatable to today’s audience and artists. With over 10 years experience, she is now starting her own company to develop and share her art further and offer unique opportunities to young dancers.

Valentina is a joy to work with - a passionate and dedicated creative who you know will deliver with heart.

- Rebecca Howell

International Choreographer & Associate Choreographer of Mulin Rouge

Valentina is a very positive and motivating choreographer. Her work is versatile and from an audience's prospective it's very captivating.

- Hollie Payne

International choreographer at COSTA Cruises

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She (Valentina) has a wonderful focus and generosity of spirit about her which she uses to try and bring the best out of those she works with and creating pieces that come to life full of that passion and vibrancy.

Robbie O'Reilly

Director of the JazzCo and Dance Teacher at London Studio Centre


Valentina is a passionate choreographer & teacher who shows diversity, versatility & uniqueness in her work. She is a true leader to her dancers & students in every project she produces. From creative leadership in all aspects from start to finish, Valentina's strong eye to detail makes her exeptional as a choreographer.

Philip Joel

International Musical Theatre a TV Choreographer


Valentina gets the best out of her students. Her passion for what she does as a teahcer and choreographer reflects not only in her students progression but in how much everyone loves and respects her.

Aisling Duffy

Resident Director of Thriller Live