We aspire to create innovative, artistic Jazz Dance to audiences across Europe with excellent productions of the highest standard and creating unique opportunities for passionate dancers Europe-wide. 


VDDC aspire to create new, long-lasting and stable work for Jazz Dance artists outside Musical Theatre and to create a community of audiences realising and valuing the artistic and expressive power of Jazz Dance and it’s associated styles.



We aim to create unique opportunities for passionate dancers to express themselves through professional productions, while continually supporting the development of young dance artists.


VDDC will gather young, passionate, hard-working Jazz Dance Artists to create an innovate, unique dance company which will produce powerful and expressive productions touring in the UK, and by 5 years also in Europe.

Creatively, our mission is to create work that respects and values the history and heritage of Jazz Dance, while continuing this artform’s development and create work that is relevant and relatable for today’s audience and artists.



PASSION. VDDC is directed by Valentina Dolci, and all work derives from her passion for dance and the topics she expresses through her art. This passion shines through all productions, and forms the heart and driving force of the company.


EXCELLENCE. VDDC forms a collective of dance artists  of the highest expressive, artistic and technical standard. 


NURTURE. We aim to create a safe, nurturing environment where all artists and students feel safe to explore, be honest and share who they are. Valentina Dolci wants everyone working with her company to feel like family, believing this environment built on honesty, respect and love will allow everyone to be creatively free and develop to be the best artists and people they can be.


DIVERSITY. VDDC is formed by individual artists, each bringing their own individual journeys, values and talents to form a unique collective of voices. The diversity behind these voices are highly valued and is brought to the stage to connect to the individuality and diversity of our audience and to encourage young people to celebrate and embrace their own individuality.


COMMUNICATION. Every performance allow the dancers to explore how they individually communicate through dance, and the most important part of any of our productions is what the artists communicate to the audience.  We aim to communicate our message in the most transparent, honest and respectful way possible, for both ourselves and the audience. The importance of open, clear and professional communication is also shown in how we work with our collaborators, employees and artists. 

RESPECT. Respect for each other, respect for all collaborative partners, respect for fellow artists in the industry, respect for the artists that came before us, respects for the art forms we work within, respect towards every person we cross path with.  Our work, policies, pay rates and work conditions are built on mutual respect for the job we do and people we are.