Development Program

VDDC highly values the importance of development of young, aspiring artists. We therefore run a development program to offer young dancers the oppurtunity to work with Valentina as apprentices in the company. 

Valentina guides them in developing themselves as artist, gain confidence and using dance to express and work through challenges in their life. 

Natural Woman

Natural Woman is VDDC's first project with our apprentices. Through the development of this work it has allowed them to express and share their individual challanges in a safe and nurturing environment. Through dance they face their difficulties and limits, turning them into challenges and therefore opportunities to grow stronger and to start discovering their identities as young dancers.

Classes for purpose 

Valentina regularly organises classes to build awareness of important topics relevant to her students. These classes are there to help support her students express and work through these difficult topics, and at the same time raises money to charities with the same purpose.