Our Work

Valentina Dolci presents work that is expressive, passionate and innovate. Inspired and built on Jazz Dance, she creates work conveying messages that is relatable for today's audiences, led by powerful and truthful emotions. 

Our company of artists are of the highest artistic and technical standard, sharing their passion and love for what they do with the audience and each other.


VDDC presents WOMAN, an innovative Jazz Dance performance with some of UK’s most excellent jazz dance artists expressing the emotional journey many women go through to find themselves and their strength. The audience gets taken through a powerful emotional journey expressed by dynamic, passionate Jazz Dance. From fragility, to love and sensuality, and finally strength, the audience gets to feel how these women have grown and found themselves.

Fragility, Freedom, Love, Sensuality, Passion, Nuturing, Instinct and Strength are all part of a woman's beauty, not just their looks. In a superficial world where people consider beauty just at face value, we embrace all the layers and complexities that truly make a woman: to understand, accept, love and appreciate each other and ourselves more. 

Valentina Dolci 

Valentina Dolci is the company's Director and Choregrapher. She has immense experience choreographing both in the United Kingdom and Italy, and creates unique Jazz Dance productions with passion at the core. 

Diversity of work

VDDC is a diverse and versatile company, who in addition to creating their own work, is available for comissioned work.

- Cooperate events

- Student showcases

- Festivals

- And more by request

We always welcome new creative collaborations.